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Doomer is a mini game made for Gore Game Jam.

Save yourself from strange creatures!


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Muito legal! Valeu


Nice game, a couple recommendations though:

1. Tone down the pixel filter a bit, please. It makes it hard to see, at least at this level.

2. Increasing the movement speed would be really nice.

Other than that and a few glitches I encountered, it was pretty cool.

I also made a video. I added it to my website as well.

I loved the ending.

wow that was really coo

wow that was rally cool

wow that was really cool

wow that was really cool

wow that was really cool

wow that was really cool

wow that was really cool

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Nice game, I want to play a full version of this!! With new weapons!!

Finished the game and LOVED it!

So Glad. thanks for your video💙


ok doomer


adorei crie mais fases

I'd def play an endless ver or a full game of this style (don't tell me to go play doom)

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Thanks for the video and your comment💜. Maybe we make an endless version too.


I LIKE BUT It's too difficult. qwq

Funny lil shooter. Would totally play a full game of this.

thanks, you played well.

Awesome game, had lots of fun playing!

thanks, you should finish it🙃

Next video I do on it I definitely will!


It's absolutely fantastic! Strong Quake and Doom vibes, although ending really surprised me. But in a very good way! Keep it up!

 so glad you liked it

is it a doom fan game?

it Inspired by doom game.


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i completed it in 35 seconds basically
Speedrunning 101


will u fix it?

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sure. know it's fixed in new version.

first, nice game. i adore Doom. secondly, try and beat this.

stop it😂

i tried to do it like that like 5 or 6 times, kept dying
u were the chosen one


good game and crazy ending ahahah

Thank you very much for your attention

hope make full version this game