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Doomer is a mini game made for Gore Game Jam.

Save yourself from strange creatures!


Doomer.rar 27 MB


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Nice game, I want to play a full version of this!! With new weapons!!

Finished the game and LOVED it!

So Glad. thanks for your video💙


ok doomer

adorei crie mais fases

I'd def play an endless ver or a full game of this style (don't tell me to go play doom)

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Thanks for the video and your comment💜. Maybe we make an endless version too.


I LIKE BUT It's too difficult. qwq

Funny lil shooter. Would totally play a full game of this.

thanks, you played well.

Awesome game, had lots of fun playing!

thanks, you should finish it🙃

Next video I do on it I definitely will!


It's absolutely fantastic! Strong Quake and Doom vibes, although ending really surprised me. But in a very good way! Keep it up!

 so glad you liked it

is it a doom fan game?

it Inspired by doom game.


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i completed it in 35 seconds basically
Speedrunning 101


will u fix it?

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sure. know it's fixed in new version.

first, nice game. i adore Doom. secondly, try and beat this.

stop it😂

i tried to do it like that like 5 or 6 times, kept dying
u were the chosen one


good game and crazy ending ahahah

Thank you very much for your attention

hope make full version this game